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LisoFloor 4000

Transparent and color protection for wooden floors

LisoFloor 4000 consists of reactive polymers. This water-based solution is an excellent protection for wood floors, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Aqueous solution product
  • Strong increase in wear resistance


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Product Description

LisoFloor 4000 complies with VOC standards worldwide. LisoFloor 4000 while giving a satin or glossy finish, colored or not, protects your wooden floor. Easy application with a roller.

Excellent durability of this protection. Strong increase in wear resistance. Does not flake or discolor.

Aqueous solution product, without any solvent and with a very low VOC emission rate.

Interior or exterior use. For all types of wood. Do not polish or burnish this product.

The treated surface will be accessible to pedestrians after 3 days and to all traffic 8 days after application.


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